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Blossoms will run away -
Cakes reign but a Day.
But Memory like Melody,
Is pink eternally
(Emily Dickinson)

Patti Page

Here is a great song by the wonderful singer Patti Page.
Born Clara Ann Fowler in 1927 in Claremore, Oklahoma, Patti Page is one of the best-known female singers in traditional pop music. She is unusual in that she came to traditional pop from country music, and some of her recordings are somewhat country flavored. She is sometimes considered the first major crossover artist to popularize country music to the general public. And she is the pioneer in the field of overdubbing, of multiple voice techniques – an innovative endeavor that began with her first Top Twenty hit, “Confess”, in 1948. She wasn’t called “The Singing Rage” for nothing. And nearly 60 years after the “raging” began in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on a little known radio show on which she was the featured singer, Patti Page remains an icon, a beloved singer who changed the face of pop music and the way it was recorded. Her accomplishments in music and television remain unparalleled even today. Her records span from 1949 to 1981. Patti was the best-selling female vocalist of the 1950's, and was wildly popular all through the 1960's. The Southern silk of Patti’s voice, combined with her telegenic high cheek-boned beauty, made her an integral part of the golden age of television. Her appearances were many, and she was a frequent guest star on the Milton Berle, Perry Como, Dinah Shore, Ed Sullivan, Garry Moore, Jackie Gleason and Bob Hope shows. She also starred frequently on the prestigious Bell Telephone Hour, the Colgate Comedy Hour and the Steve Allen Show. A musical “Special” on ABC found her costarring with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Patti continued to thrill fans for decades. In 1998 she won a Grammy as "Best Traditional Pop Singer" for her "Live at Carnegie Hall" album, a compilation from her 50th-anniversary concert. It was also in nightclubs that Patti made her mark and her living. She was a major star performing in all the major venues throughout the country. In New York, she played the Copacabana, the prestigious Empire Room at the Waldorf Astoria and the elegant Persian Room at the Plaza Hotel. In Los Angeles, the marquee at the Cocoanut Grove frequently read her name, as did the marquee at the Desert Inn in Las Vegas, and the Drake in Chicago. She opened new doors in the 1990's when she entered the era of cabaret, appearing at the Ballroom (home to Peggy Lee among others), Rainbow and Stars (where Rosemary Clooney performed) and the elegant Michael Feinstein’s at the Regency – all in New York. In the course of her remarkable recording career, Patti Page has sold approximately 100 million plus records, making her one of the biggest, if not the biggest selling female recording artist in history. Loved by many singers, such as Sarah Vaughan, Patti has millions of fans, she continues to sing and perform live all around the U.S. One of the first to be awarded her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Patti’s name is also on the Country Music Walk of Fame in Nashville. She has received the prestigious Pioneer Award from the Academy of Country Music, and is a member of the Oklahoma Hall of Fame.
Enjoy the unforgettable Patti Page!

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